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Glamorous classics and restoration projects snapped up at Beaulieu

A host of glamorous classics and restoration projects were snapped up at Bonham’s Beaulieu Sale.

A rare 120 Vauxhall E-Type 30-98 open top two-seater with a single dickey seat gained the day’s highest price, selling for £242,300. The model was hailed as one of the finest sporting cars of the 1920s for its ability to tackle hill climbs and endurance runs.

A replica of a Lagonda LG45 4.5-litre Fox & Nicholl Le Mans Team car took the next highest price, achieving £180,700. It has been subjected to a total restoration, including a rebuilt racing spec Sanction 4 Lagonda Meadows engine.

Other highlights included a 1959 Jaguar XK150 that sold for £64,220 and a 1934 MG Magnette ND/NE Racing Special that fetched more than £82,000. In its heyday, the Brooklands racer was lauded by Autocar magazine for the ease with which it could hit 80mph on the circuit.

But, being Beaulieu, it wasn’t all chrome and perfect paintwork. Among the tempting restoration projects on offer were a 1961 Jaguar E-Type roadster, (sold for £77,660) and no less than six pre-war Alvis models with selling prices ranging from £1600 to £16,000.  

One unusual item up for grabs was an Allied pilot’s silk ‘escape’ scarf. It had a map of southern Germany and northern Italy printed on it, so the pilot could use it to find his way home if his plane was shot down. It sold for £275. 

By Claire Evans

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