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Military metal for the creative

This drop tank is believed to have been made by British Aerospace and used to carry aviation fuel for 1980s Tornado jet fighters.

You may think that pretty much makes it defunct these days. But has found out that there are a number of ingenious uses for these aluminium tanks.

The main one is to turn them into the bodyshells of Bonneville Salt Flats racing cars. Apparently they’re made in sections so they can easily be shortened to the most useable length.

And we’ve also heard it suggested that the resourceful inhabitants of Southeast Asia have turned ex-US army tanks into canoes.

Feeling inspired? Register for Brightwells Classic Vehicle auction on 24 September and get bidding. There’s no reserve on this drop tank, so you could bag a bargain. 

Note: this tank sold for just £770. 

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By Claire Evans

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