Insider's Guide To: Buying At Auction

The possibility of financial enhancement is all part of the pleasure of classic car ownership. Historically, this sector has returned impressive performance over the long term, but within that there have been periods of slump, most notably the crash of the late 1980s which did not begin to correct until half way through the 1990s.

What makes this sector all the more fascinating is that it...

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Insider's Guide To: Insuring A Classic

By Al Suttie on 17/06/2015

After buying a classic car, one of the major costs can be insuring it. Many a classic owner will have received a shock when trying to insure their car through a normal insurance company or broker. However, help is at hand thanks to specialist insurers who understand the classic car market.

As with all types of motor insurance, you need to be clear about the use the vehicle will be subject to. Be honest about using the car for commuting, business, foreign travel, tracks days or...

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Insider's Guide: Barn finds

By <Unknown User> on 17/06/2015

Why buy a wreck of a car when you could buy a complete, running example of the same model for not much more, or sometimes a great deal less?

In recent years the astronomical prices achieved by barn find cars has made national and international headlines, confounding lay folk and knowledgeable enthusiasts equally.

One of the marques that brings this phenomenon into high relief is Aston Martin. For example, at Bonhams’ Oxford sale in June 2014, a derelict 1970 DB6 saloon (lot 175)...

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Insider's Guide To: Buying A Classic Car Abroad

Buying a classic car at auction in a foreign country is not very different from buying in the UK. There are the obvious challenges the auction may be held in a foreign language you don’t speak and the amounts being bid will be in the local currency.

However, given the international nature of many larger classic car auctions now, most list the bid prices in the local currency and...

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Insider's Guide To: Importing A Classic Car

After the thrill of the chase of finding the ideal classic car for investment, you will most likely want to bring it back home if purchased abroad. For any car bought within the European Union, this is a simple process, as all you have to do is register the car in the UK and pay the small sum for this process to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Moving a classic car from one EU...

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Insider's Guide To: Selling At Auction

By Al Suttie on 17/06/2015

Selling a classic car at auction offers many advantages, not least realising a higher price than other forms of selling if the conditions are right. It can save you time dealing with possible buyers when selling privately. You also avoid having to re-advertise the car if a buyer pulls out of a private sale, which can also blight the car to other potential buyers. 

By contrast, selling at auction streamlines the whole process. Even if you sell the car for slightly less you can be better...

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Insider's Guide: the effects of currency exchange rates

By <Unknown User> on 24/09/2015

Currency exchange rates have always been a significant factor both in new car sales and in the movement of vehicles across the globe in classic after life.

Although many younger enthusiasts may be mystified by the number of E-type and XK Jaguars, Austin-Healeys, MGs and Triumphs on the UK auction market that have been converted from left- to right-hand-drive, it’s all part of the eternal ebb and flow of 'continental drift' that has been going on since the motor industry in post-war...

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