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Back in the 1960s, the vision of Sean Connery driving an Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger propelled Aston Martin sales to a new high and for the first time ever Aston Martin sold more than 1000 of its bespoke hand-built sportscars in a single year.

That may not sound much today, but before Bond production of the earlier DB4 had averaged less than 200 cars a year from 1958 to 1963. James Bond really did have that effect and, in fact, the company may not have survived without him.

Of course, the DB5 was also a fabulous car. With its crisp Italian designer alloy body by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan and sizzling 4-litre twin-cam straight-six engine, the DB5 looked superb and went like stink, all the way to 140mph - and more. 

The DB5 ironed out the wrinkles of the earlier DB4, added a little more refinement and did everything a little bit better. For many it was the Aston grand tourer theme at its peak.
DB5 prices: DB5 prices have recently taken off dramatically. In January 2006 a "Goldfinger" promotional film car with all the Bond gadgets sold at auction for £1,170,000. That provided the impetus for prices to soar. Later in the year Aston aficionados gulped when a barn-find needing a complete rebuild sold for £58,700. Prices have continued to soar and are now well past the £300,000 barrier.

Production: 1058 (898 saloons, 160 convertibles)
1964 price: £4175.7s.1d (saloon)
Engine: 3995cc straight six. Power: 282bhp (Vantage: 314bhp)
0-60mph: 6-8 seconds
0-100mph: 15 seconds
Top speed: 141-147.6mph

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