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The Jaguar E-type was a sensational showstopper at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show.

British motoring mags had produced road tests of pre-production models to co-incide with the launch - and yes, the fixed-head-coupe really could do 150.4mph (149.1 for the roadster). OK, so the road-test cars were tweaked a little and early owners found 145mph a more realistic maximum, but the legend was born, a stunning, svelte sportscar that wasn't matched by anything within £1000 of its price - Astons and Ferraris were more than double the money.

E-types took off again in the late eighties as grasping speculators drove prices into orbit, nudging a stratospheric £100,000 before the gravitational pull of the market pulled them back down to earth in a big way. That's good news for today's buyers who stand a chance of owning an E-type for less than has been lavished on its restoration.

Production: 72,520
Engine: 3781 and 4235cc straight six, 5343cc V12
Power: 265 - 272bhp
0-60mph: 7.0 - 7.2 seconds
Top speed: 143 - 150mph
Price when new: £2097.19s.2d (roadster)

E-type facts: Of every three E-types built, two were exported.  Originally fixed-head coupes cost £100 more than the open roadster; today roadsters are far more highly prized.

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