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A car-starved Britain, still trundling around in perpendicular pre-war hangover motors, glimpsed the future at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show in the lithe form of the Jaguar Super Sports. It was sensational to look at, with a purity of line that didn't need chrome embellishment. It was sensationally fast too, and in production form as the Jaguar XK120 it would soon be proven that 120 really did stand for 120mph, making it the fastest standard production car in the world.

As for the XK, that stands for the famed six-cylinder twin-overhead-cam XK engine, which debuted in the XK120 and went on to power Le Mans-winning C- and D-type racing Jags, the 1961 E-type and Jaguar saloons until 1986. Yep, the XK120 was a consummate Cat, more sensational in 1948, I'd venture, than the E-type was in 1961.

Production: 12,055
Body styles: Two-seater roadster, fixed-head coupe and drop-head coupe.
Engine: 3442cc twin overhead cam six-cylinder, twin SU carburettors.
Power: 160bhp at 5100rpm.
Maximum speed: 126mph.
0-60MPH: 10sec. 
0-100MPH: 35.3sec.

FOR: Complete classic credentials, the most feline of all sporting Jags, a stellar performer in 1949 and plenty quick enough today, surprisingly undemanding to drive.

AGAINST: Nothing really, but if you must carp the poorly ventilated brakes could fade alarmingly just when you needed them most.

XK120 FACTS: Clark Gable had one, so did Tyrone Power; when the XK120 was launched one British motoring magazine wouldn't allow married men to conduct high-speed tests in it; 85% of all XK120s were exported.

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