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The 428 is the slightly tamer bigger brother of the raucous 427 Cobra, it shouldn't be overlooked though.

In 1967 Shelby branched out into GT territory in a bid to tempt Ferrari and Maserati buyers. He created the 428 by extending the Cobra chassis six inches, replacing its 427 cubic-inch Ford V8 with an engine one cubic inch larger, and clothing it in steel bodywork created by Frua of Turin. 

Offered as a fastback and convertible, the 428 fell between two camps. It cost significantly less than pure-bred Italian exotics like Ferraris and Maseratis, but considerably more than British contemporaries like the Aston Martin DB6 and Jensen Interceptor.

Small-scale production continued into the 1970s, but it was finally killed off by the fuel crisis of October 1973; the last 428 was built soon afterwards and sold during 1974. 

Production: (1967-1973) 80 cars
Engine: 7014cc
Power: 345bhp
0-60mph: 5.4 seconds (man), 5.7 seconds (auto)
Top speed: 145mph (coupe)

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